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Pulsair Desktop Non Contact Tonometer (NCT N30+)
The Pulsair Desktop Tonometer is indicated for measuring intraocular pressure without contacting the eye to aid in the screening and diagnosis of glaucoma. It is an “air puff” Tonometer designed to accurately measure Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) without making contact with the surface of the eye. Pulsair Desktop has been designed with the user and patient in mind. The slim profile of the Tonometer head reduces patient anxiety and allows the clinical to maintain the all important visual contact with the patient. Fast and efficient to useThe colour alignment screen and ultra smooth alignment system gives even the novice user confidence to make rapid and accurate measurements. As with other PulsairTonometers there is no measurable cost of consumables: no drops, no single use probes or tips. The soft colour scheme and compact design allow the Pulsair Desktop to blend seamlessly into the clinical environment.
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Elegant Design
  • A small, space-saving footprint combined with the elegant, pump, solenoid control valves, a plenum chamber, and an optical mainframe allow efficient and fast measurement. The openness of the design increases the confidence of both patient and clinician. LED illumination provides a constant and reliable light source for the alignment camera and the positional detection systems. The quietly cost-effective Pulsair Desktop requires no sterile consumables. Printing is also under your control, so ongoing costs are managed.
Comfort and Speed
  • Less is more. Pulsair Desktop is uncomplicated and therefore is quick to use for the novice and professional alike. Taking control of tonometry has never been easier or faster. Clear user controls and a color video alignment screen combine to set a new standard in usability.
  • Working Distance : 20mm
  • Calibrated Range : 5mmHg To 50mmHg
  • Display Accuracy : Display Accuracy to 1 decimal place
  • Illumination system : LED Infra Red
  • Displayed Scale : Single Line 16 Character alphanumeric display
  • Dimensions : 475 x 410 x 245 mm (H x D x W)
  • Weight : 16Kg
  • Printer : Thermal Line Printer
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply : Output 30 VA (12V DC 2.5A)


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